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Exploring New Waters

Tue, 02/22/2011 - 6:06pm

Head Brewer, pain reliavah, and all round good pal Bryan Selders will be departing from Dogfish Head in mid-March. We're sad to see him go. Bryan has brought so much passion, talent, and creativity to dogfish in the nine years he has been part of our company. In fact its that creative-itch that is driving Bryan toward his next professional endeavor. Bryan has decided to pursue his passion in graphic designs and put that Tyler School of Art degree to the test. The good news is he may be leaving our company but he is not leaving our community. He and his family are staying in Milton, Delaware and we look forward to sharing pints and laughs with our good neighbor Bryan for many years to come. In terms of his day-to-day contributions he will be missed, says Dogfish President Sam Calagione, It was nearly a decade ago but I distinctly remember negotiating with my friends at Nodding Head (the fine Philly Brewpub we poached Bryan from). They drove a hard-bargain and forced me to throw a case of world wide stout into the deal but I saw a burgeoning talent brewing in Bryan Selders and just knew he would fit really well in our off-centered community and contribute greatly towards our growth and distinction..He has earned the respect of so many of my compatriots throughout the craft brewing community and hell be missed. I wish him great success in his future endeavors and am sending him on his way with the oldest case of world wide in my stash.