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Down The Rabbit Hole(s)

Thu, 12/16/2010 - 11:10pm

Yesterday Jon, Bryan, and I are brewed at the pub.

The first photo shows us mashing in the organic purple prairie barley from Tibetan seed stock. This beer will also feature sour cherries and rhodiola rosea - a bitter citrusy tree root also from Tibet. Long before the English were making barley wines the Tibetans were making their version high in the mountains. This whirlpooling photo reminds me of the rabbit hole in Alice in wonderland. Hence the 'DRINK ME' beer name.

rabbit hole 1

Here is Jon adding the rhodiola rosea root to the pureed sour cherries....


Another rabitt hole created by 'DRINK ME.' This one is when we were pureeing the sour cherries in some wort...


DRINK ME will be 10% abv so it won't be on tap at the pub until early March. Stay tuned!