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Don't Cry Over Spilt 120

Thu, 12/09/2010 - 9:57pm

We hope folks enjoyed tonight's episode of 'Brewmasters.' Theres no use crying over spilt 120 Minute IPA. The last production batch had to be dumped because it wasnt up to our high standards so we knew it wouldnt be up to the standards of many hardcore beer lovers.

Weve worked too long establishing our reputation for quality and innovation and , while we certainly didnt budget to dump this much, or this expensive of a beer, every year Dogfish does budget to let some batches that didnt meet our expectations go down the drains.

Each batch of beer we brew goes through over 40 micro and sensory checkpoints and we are very proud of our QC program. But rest assured - we are hard at work with experiments to tweak the recipe so that the next production batch of 120 Minute IPA meets all of our high standards. Our batch of 120 is scheduled to go out into distribution in April 2011. Assuming all of our tests and experimental mini-brew go well between now and then we are confident we can hit that target date.

Thanks for beer-ing with us and for all the ongoing support! Sam