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Cheating On Your Go-To Brewery

Wed, 09/08/2010 - 2:56pm

We ended the summer with a bang here in coastal Delaware!

The hurricane amounted to pretty much nothing, then we had three days of the most beautiful beach weather. On Friday at our pub in Rehoboth Bryan and I brewed a fruited honey beer basically an African tej with gesho root but fermented with pureed green apples and some other fun stuff. Should be on tap there in three weeks and called Odd-umm.

Also on Friday we tapped this years batch of Chicha the South American corn beer brewed that we brewed this time with purple Peruvian corn, fennel, and cinnamon. This year nearly 30 of my co-workers and I chewed dozens of pounds of corn (the natural enzymes in human saliva convert the starches in the corn into fermentable sugar). The day after we chewed, we brewed; adding the ABC purple corn to the mash tun with some local yellow corn and barley then we boiled it. So this beer is more sterile than a modern lambic. It tastes yummy , light, refreshing, and a bit spicy from the herb and spice additions. Its selling fast at our pub so check the What's On Tap menu to see if we're still serving.

This weekend I drank a lot of Punkin, Festina Peche, Life & Limb, Russian River Consecration, and 21st Amendment Back in Black. I didnt drink much 60 Minute IPA because we have been tight on inventory for that beer. I apologize to anyone out there who has been having a hard time finding our 60 Minute IPA. Thus far this year we have made and sold 20% more 60 Minute than last year so it is not that we made less. We have allocated more of our 60 Minute to our local markets than we have to markets further away so its not like we are choosing to ignore local demand. We are proud to be the largest craft brewery in the Mid-Atlantic. But we are even more proud to be a brewer that celebrates every single one of the 31 production beers we are distributing this year with equal amounts of attention, love, and care. Our priority is continuing to innovate and emphasis quality and consistency across our entire portfolio. We dont want to be a one trick pony. We dont want to become the 60 Minute IPA brewing company. So if you cant find 60 Minute in your local store we invite you to try our Punkin Ale or Bitches Brew (both just came out) or our year round beers like 90 Minute IPA or Raison Detre, or other great craft beers like ones I drank this weekend from Russian River, Sierra, and 21st Amendment.


Cheat on your go-to beer... Even if it is 60 Minute IPA.

But please do keep 60 Minute in your mix!

We are planning to brew quite a bit more 60 Minute next year and quite a bit more of each of our other lovely beers as well. So thanks for the ongoing support!

Im stoked to see a ton of hardcore beer lovers in Denver for GABF next week. At our booth we will be serving some of our harder to find stuff like Theobroma, Palo Santo, Chateau Jiahu, Bitches Brew, Portamarillo, and Graintoglass. If you are heading to GABF please stop by and try a Dogfish beer you may have never tried before.