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Brewpub Exclusive Bonanza!

Tue, 08/13/2013 - 9:28am

We have three Brewpub Exclusives coming on tap at our Rehoboth Beach brewpub later this week, so I thought we'd give you a few days to get excited for them!

On Friday, we're debuting our Piercing Pils and celebrating the return of Choc Lobster - then on Saturday, the next beer in our year-long Province Ale Co. series hits the lineup.

The Choc Lobster is near & dear to my heart because it is brewed with lobsters from the Five Islands Lobster Co. - where I've enjoyed many of the crustaceans with my family (they have a pretty mean burger too!). In fact, I'm in Maine right now and enjoyed lunch with Kevin & the crew at Five Islands just yesterday!

Sam & Kevin talking lobsters

Sam & Keith talking lobsters

I told Keith the beer is making its return on Friday. I'm just hoping there will be some left by the time I get back to Delaware next week (guys, if it's getting low, please save me some!). Here's more on the Choc Lobster...

Also on Friday, we'll be debuting our Piercing Pils at the brewpub. This one is a beer/perry hybrid lager, which a bit of departure for us! We shot this video a few weeks back on our Piercing Pils brew day:

Finally, on Saturday we will be debuting Stewed Beer, the August beer in our Province Ale Co. series. More on that one here!

Sounds like a good weekend to get to Rehoboth....