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Breaking bread(fruit).

Tue, 04/10/2012 - 2:38pm

Our brewday here at Maui Brewing Co has begun!

Breaking bread(fruit).

Breaking bread(fruit).

Garrett and I are now cutting up 80 pounds of breadfruit for the brew. Props to the Breadfruit Institute - National Tropical Botanical Garden for donating this fruit. The Hawaiian name for this fruit is 'ulu. The more ripe half will go in the mash and convert. The mature soft gooey stuff will go in the kettle. It smells and tastes like the most beautiful tropical pudding you can imagine. Garrett explained that in the south pacific culture a breadfruit is planted when a child is born ensuring the child will never go hungry because each tree produces so much nutrient rich yummy fruit each year. Beer has been called "liquid bread for centuries" This beer will be called 'Liquid Breadfruit:' a big golden ale brewed with breadfruit , toasted papaya seeds and fermented with the Delaware Native Ale yeast we captured on a peach farm near the Dogfish brewry. This yeast throws lots of tropical (strawberry, Mellon, apple) notes. The 400-bbl canned batches will be available in the fall but the pub batch we are brewing with Kim today will premier at the Maui Onion Festival Dinner May 4th.

To learn more about breadfruit and where you can find it to cook with at home go to www.breadfruit.org.