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Beer-ing With Us

Fri, 11/19/2010 - 10:04am

So, the good news is that the tests we have been running to dial in the 120 Minute IPA recipe are showing great progress! A couple weeks ago we sat down over three different vintages of 120 to gauge the way the beer is aging. The best batch we tried we tried was the oldest. In my opinion, 120 gets great after about a year in the bottle, but taste is subjective and some people like it fresh.

What isn't subjective is predictable and consistent fermentability and hop utilization. Not to get full-on techno-beer-geek with you, but this the final frontier we are trying to predictably bring in sight before doing the next huge batch of 120 Minute IPA for national distribution (we really don't want to have to dump another batch!). We thought we'd done enough test batches to move to this step last month but we decided we need to do another test batch. The next batch will be happening at our Rehoboth brewpub shortly.

So a little bad news... there won't be a new batch of 120 in distribution before early next year.

Tempered by a little hopeful news... if the next test batch of 120 goes well at the R&D brewery in our Rehoboth pub and you happen to be in the area you might want to swing by and try it (we'll post it on the What's On Tap page when it goes on).

Sorry this has taken us some time to dial in.

We're not interested in selling any of our beers unless they meet our standards because we have high standards and we know you do too.

Thanks for beering with us. Sam