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An Ingredient-Inspiration Walk About

Wed, 06/01/2011 - 10:52am

New brew day on the roof here at the Eataly NYC Birreria. Teo, Leo , and I perused the Eataly store aisles this morning. An ingredient-inspiration walk about. We've decided to do a 7% abv amber ale with ugli fruit, fresh grated Ginger, and Two kinds of Italian honey. An orange blossom honey to make love to the ugli fruit and a eucalyptus honey to make love to the Ginger. We will carmalize the Ginger and the ugli fruit and add them at the end of boil. We will add the honey right after the boil in the whirlpool.

Here we are reprising the pose we did when we first brewed together two years ago but with today's ingredients:


Our ingredient booty:


Posted 6/1/11