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A mighty fine day. Mostly

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:06pm

I was up in NYC working on our Bitches Brew project today.

Got to hang with Miles' nephew Vince and DJ Logic at the studio where they are working on remixes of a few of the songs from the album. Both awesome guys. We sat and talked music, beer, and Miles.

This is a photo of the box of the original masters for Bitches Brew we listened to.


The sound was amazing. Analog jazz for the digital age.

Vince is a drummer who toured a lot with his uncle. He told me Miles was a sick chef. As creative in the kitchen as on the stage. His best recipes were bouillabaisse and fried fish with Jack Daniels in the sauce. His favorite dish cooked by someone other than himself was his ex-wife's chili recipe. We worked that recipe up at our brewpub and designed the beer recipe around the ideal of having it be the ultimate beverage to pair with the chili.

Then I was typing this blog on my way home on Amtrak because my lovely wife was on me to blog more (see the evidence here). I started writing this and missed my train stop in Wilmington. I am now typing this last sentence from the back of a taxi heading back toward Wilmington (for the 1.25 hour drive south to the beach) - it was a great day til an hour ago.