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A Delaware guy and a Kentucky guy went into a bar...

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 6:54pm

I got to hang with my good pal, musician & actor Will Oldham over lunch at The Breslin restaurant in NYC yesterday.

He's in NYC promoting a full-length interview book that recently came out and is really awesome and doing a show.  I was in town doing release events for our new Sierra Nevada collaboration IPA Rhizing Bines and our new IPA  glass

Will performs as Bonnie "Prince" Billy and he and I just worked on a project together. He wrote and recorded an original song called "Sixty-One" based on the story of our newest beer-wine hybrid of the very same name.   We are selling 500 copies of the vinyl 10-inch with a B side cover he did of the rollicking sexy classic 60 Minute Man. They will only be for sale with four packs of the beer from our Rehoboth and Milton locations and each purchase comes with a hug.


Sam & Will 

Sam & Will


During lunch Will rocked a fierce head dress, much like the mesh helmets worn under battle armor by certain knights. I lugged up a growler of Sixty-One so he could be among the first people to try the beer. He really likes the beer and we chatted about the similarities in the indie music and indie beer communities over lunch and drinks. 

He's a good friend and a great example of good over evil:  he is a fearless creative artist who makes a living doing what he loves and doing it on his own terms.  We are looking forward to the seven course beer-food-song event we will host together at and with the Holy Grale in Louisville on March 4th.

Hope to see some of your there!