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120 Minute IPA Update For Ya

Fri, 07/09/2010 - 10:24am

Hello y'all!

I know there has been lots of interest in our120 Minute IPA... and lots of wondering where the heck it has been.

Our apologies for not getting the batches out on time - we are only 110 people and sometimes we get out-voted on a release date by millions of yeast cells - so this year's batches took some extra time.

This from our brewmaster Floris, "We are currently utilizing 2 different yeast strains that we believe will add complexity to this beer. We experienced some challenges with one of the strains (yeast growth and vitality) which set us back a bit from a production perspective which led to us not being able to release the last two batches on time."

The good news is that the current batch of 120 Minute IPA is through fermentation and is currently resting quite comfortably on a bed of hops.

It will be available for release in early August.

Thanks for your patience and persistence!

cheers, sam