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Weekend of Compelling Ales & Wrath Update

Wed, 03/10/2010 - 3:37pm

So, the Weekend of Compelling Ales & Whatnot is mere days away - and we are all running around like crazy!!!!

In Milton, despite a very last minute label approval glitch - The Wrath has been bottled and is ready to go! But... we had to make a name change at the last (very, very last moment). The name that won the Dogfish/BA naming contest was 'Wrath of Pecan." But our friends at the TTB were worried that you might mistakenly think actual pecans were in the beer (the malt was smoked over pecan wood), so they said our name wouldn't get approval as submitted. So, thanks to some quick thinking on our part (it happens sometimes), lightening fast label re-design, a very cooperative printing company (go Gamse!) and lots of extra lawywer hours - we did it! With a simple 'T' Wrath of Pecan became Wrath of Pecant (we werent' allowed the apostrophe... see reasons above). We bottled the beer this past weekend and it is ready and waiting for your visit to the Milton brewery.


We've also stocked the brewery shop with some great vintage beers and lots of cool Dogfish stuff for you to peruse. Sam is ready for the extra-special morning tours (alas, Lead Brewer Bryan Selders has been called out of town - so Sam'll be hosting both morning tours). The rest of our fantastic tour team is ready for the afternoon crew!

In Rehoboth, wow! Lots of stuff happening (heck, even the landscaping crew was out today taking advantage of the nice weather to freshen things up for you). This afternoon the last of the Liquor De Malt is being labeled today. We've brought in an extra Randall The Enamel Animal (both our Randalls will be up and running with groovy ingredients on both Friday and Saturday). We're getting all the kegs ready to go, lining up our vintage beer selection, and the kitchen is prepping some great specials (Bacon Chocolate Cheesecake anyone?).

Here is the list for what we'll be pouring at the Rehoboth brewpub this weekend beginning Friday at 4:00pm (some of these'll go fast, so things will change throughout the weekend):



Chateau Jiahu


Lawnmower Light

60 Minute IPA

90 Minute IPA

90 Minute IPA (Randallized through Cascade Hops)

Shelter Pale Ale

Life & Limb

Midas Touch

Palo Santo Marron

Olde School Barleywine

Burton Baton (2009)

Red & White

Black and Blue (2008)

Immort Ale (2008)

Indian Brown Ale

Raison D'Etre

Chicory Stout (2008)

Fort (2008)

World Wide Stout

120 Minute IPA (2008)

75 Minute Minute IPA (cask)

On Deck: 120 Minute (2009), Burton Baton, Black & Blue, Theobroma (2009), Fort (2009), Grau Dunkel Weissenberg, Altoberfest.

Vintage Bottles: Palo Santo (2008), Raison D'Extra (2005), Black & Blue (2007), Burton Baton (2005), World Wide Stout (2006)

As I mentioned earlier, Sam will now be leading both the morning tours on Saturday. Also, he'll be heading into the brewpub on Friday evening from about 7pm - 9:30pm to hang with everyone, then he'll be back at the pub for the band Saturday night. Speaking of the band....

We have great live music both Friday (Sharon Little) and Saturday (Joe Jack Talcum of The Dead Milkmen) at 10pm

Finally - if you are still standing on Sunday, considering taking The Plunge - it'll clear you head and it's for a good cause!!!

Safe travels - see you soon!