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Steppin' It Up

Wed, 06/30/2010 - 6:36pm



If you haven't noticed, we've really been stepping it up at the little ole brewery inside our Rehoboth Beach brewpub recently.

The brewpub is our home base, where Dogfish Head was founded back in 1995. When we opened, we brewed on a 1/2 barrel glorified home-brew system. It was rough because we had to brew over and over to even make enough beer - but it allowed Sam to get a lot of brewing experience under his belt in a very little amount of time. Within the first two years, we expanded the system to our current (still small) homemade system. We've been using that system (and tinkering with it a lot!) ever since.

In the last year or two, we've been brewing in Rehoboth with regularity. The beers brewed in Rehoboth are our Brewpub Exclusive beers. Brewed there, served there. Some of these are Sam's initial test batches for potentially bigger brews, some are brews our Milton brewers are playing around with. Some of the brewpub brews have been team efforts - our brewpub co-workers brewed a batch together last year, our Quality Control team brewed today, and our entire brewery Tour team will be brewing in there in the next few weeks. Most of our Brewpub Exclusive beers never make it outside the confines of downtown Rehoboth Beach, so come for a visit!

In addition to more regular brewing, we've also added a beer engine, and tap a cask of Dogfish Head each and every Thursday afternoon. Oftentimes, the casks are our 75 Minute IPA blend, but we rotate seasonals and special offerings through as well. This week, we'll be tapping a cask of our our Stop The Spill ESB - a Brewpub Exclusive.

Cask Tapping

Brewer Bryan Selders pulling a pint at the brewpub.

About a month ago, our long-time brewer Bryan Selders focused his efforts at the brewpub. What does this mean? We're continuing to step it up! Bryan will be working to ensure our Brewpub Exclusive offerings continue to be excellent and exciting. This all means more excellent and exciting Dogfish Head beers for you.

As of this afternoon, we have three Brewpub Exclusive beers on tap at the brewpub - that just might be a record (at least since we opened our first brewery outside the pub in 1997)! Today we have our Bitches Brew test batch pouring, our Zeno saison, and the GrainToGlass brown ale we brewed with our friends from Grain Surfboards. When the cask is tapped on Thursday - we'll add another Brewpub Exclusive to the lineup.

You can always find out What's On Tap at the brewpub, right here. So keep an eye on the list and come visit - often!