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Spring Releases Coming At Ya!

Fri, 04/22/2011 - 3:27pm


April 22, 2011

It's kind of like spring has sprung here in coastal Delaware (some days more than others, but we know warm weather will settle in soon!). Even though we're still talking spring, we've already sold all our spring seasonal Aprihop for 2011. We still have it on tap at the brewpub, but all our bottles are long gone. That said, we're getting daily reports of folks still finding in in bars, restaurants and retailers out there.

Lucky for us, there are more spring releases to celebrate! If you missed it earlier this week, Sam blogged about two beers we hadn't even put on our 2011 Release Schedule - they'd be our draft-only Black & Red and our latest Sony Legacy collaboration, Hellhound On My Ale. Both beers are hitting the market now. Surprise!!!!

As for other beers coming your way, our first 2011 Ancient Ale release,Sah'tea will leave the brewery and head to our wholesale partners this first week in May (the others will follow in June, July, September... you might think about grabbing 'em when you find 'em and doing your own Ancient Ales Beer Dinner this fall!).

We'll also start shipping the next batch of Burton Baton to distributors in the first week of May. There are two more releases of Burton later this year in September and December (in case you miss it this time around).

Finally, towards the end of May our summer seasonal quencherFestina Peche will be making their way to our wholesalers' warehouses for a June 1st release!

And what about that April release of 120 Minute IPA? Yup, we're late on that one... but we're working away! As soon as we have release info to share we'll be posting, Facebooking and Tweeting up a storm about it. Hang in there!