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Runners Get Ready...

Fri, 09/17/2010 - 10:31pm



This time next weekend, 1500 runners will be getting ready for the 2010 Dogfish Dash to benefit the Delaware chapter of The Nature Conservancy. We're nearly ready!

Thanks to all who registered for the race - it's going to be a blast! (note: registration for the 2010 Dogfish Dash is now closed. Registraion for the 2011 Dogfish Dash will happen on or around April 1, 2011, stay tuned!)

If you are a registered runner, here is pretty much most of what you need to know:




Dogfish Head Craft Brewery (yeahat the source)

#6 Cannery Village Center, Milton, DE 19968


O.K.youve got two options. Out of Towners.please note that Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats (the pub) and Dogfish Head Craft Brewery (the brewery) are two separate locations.

1. Saturday (9/25/10) at Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats from 4 PM 7 PM, come on down to the pub and do some carb-loading. NOTE: The pub is located in downtown Rehoboth Beach at 320 Rehoboth Avenue.


2. Sunday (9/26) morning before the race at the Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Milton. Get there early!!!! Packet pickup opens at 6:30 a.m.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS (You better pay attention here...)

GETTING TO THE BREWERY: The brewery is located just off Chestnut Street in downtown Milton, DE. Our street address is #6 Cannery Village Center, but many GPS and/or mapping sites do not find us. If you are using GPS or mapping, please use the address 419 Chestnut Street (it's not our address, but it's pretty darn close... if you make it there, you won't miss us!).

PARKING: PLAN TO ARRIVE EARLY as spaces are limited at the brewery, however there is overflow parking available, but youd need to allow a little time to walk up the street or across the street or around the bend to get to the brewery.


Please do not park on any grass areas, and be respectful of others property.please do not trespass.

If you canplease walk, ride a bike, or CARPOOL.

COSTUMES: Dont forget about the recycled costume competition. Therell be some killer prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the individual category, and therell be a prize for the best group also.

POST RACE PARTY: Immediately following the Dogfish Dash is the post race party. There be delicious food, jamming music, awesome awards, raffle prizes, keg sprints, and of course Dogfish beer. All you have to do is cross the finish line and youre there. (Its right here at the Brewery.) All runners will receive a wrist-band with their registration which gets them into the post race party (we plan on having several off-centered ales flowing).if youve got friends or family coming out, or if youre just a Dogfish fan that wants to hang out you can purchase a band at the event.

Over 21 (youll get beer with that tasty food) = $10 Under 21 or designated driver= $5 ***Remember.all proceeds go directly to The Nature Conservancy

Beer starts to flow at 9 AM (Not a minute earlier.)

FORGET THE PLASTIC (mostly anyways): We are trying to make the Dash an almost plastic bottle free event through providing re-usable bottles to runners. If youve got friends and family coming out to hang out, encourage them to bring a re-usable water bottle to the event. Well have some bottled water available, but mostly water cooler stations as the race finish minimizing our waste. And if you see what looks like plastic cups being used at the event.dont worry theyre plant-based bio-cups and will compost instead of just breaking down into smaller and smaller plastic bits. HOWEVER, please hold on to your cups and re-use them for your refills.

THE NATURE CONSERVANCY (aka TNC): Wouldnt it be wicked cool to already be a TNC member before you got to the Dash. For more information about TNC in Delaware, visit the DE Chapter website.

You can sign up to be a Nature Conservancy Member right here.

TOURS: There will be abbreviated brewery tours on Dash day; however 1500+ people are a lot of people; so if youve been on the tour before, help spread the Dogfish Love and let somebody that hasnt check it out.

Tours will run at 10 AM, 1030 AM, 11 AM and 1130 AM.

o There will be no tastings this year at the tours. Plenty of beer flowing out at the party.

The merchandise shop will be open for BIZ!!!!

BEER SALES will take place from 12 NOON 1 PM. Sorry, we cant sell earlier, its a legal thing.


While youll hanging out or wondering if you won a sweet prize, well have some killer tunes for you. REEDO & The Front Porch Offering will be jamming the morning away.

KEG SPRINTS: All Registered Runners will have a chance to win some off-centered prizes at the Keg Sprint event, so plan for a little extra distance. The Keg Sprint will only be open to Registered Runners due to liability reasons.

COUPON: All registered runners will receive a coupon in their runners bag saying to bring your Race Number into the pub for a 10% discount.hey if youre at the pub for packet pickupstick around for dinner and enjoy the discount.


Feel free to send an email to mark@dogfish.com or visit our race webpage.

Again, thanks for participating and we'll see you soon!