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Not Resting On Our 120 Minute IPA...

Tue, 07/12/2011 - 1:46pm

As posted here last month - we're back in business with our 120 Minute IPA! Our first batch in a while was bottled and released to many of our wholesale partners in June. Now our second batch has been kegged (yup, 100% went into 5-gallon kegs) and began going out to the first of our wholesalers today.

As with the first batch, this was a smaller one than originally planned, so there will NOT be enough for each and every account that wants one. Again, we're sorry that we don't have enough for all, but we plan to be like the 'Little Engine That Could' with our 120... we'll keep on brewing, brewing, brewing... then packaging, packaging, packaging... then shipping, shipping, shipping. We think we can, we think we can, we think we can! And we're doing it, here's the proof:

120 Minute IPA

Here are some other thoughts about 120 (based on the many email, Facebook posts and Tweets we've gotten about the beer over the past few weeks)....

- We have no control over pricing for 120 Minute IPA. We sell to each and every one of our wholesalers at the same price. We've heard crazy, wacked stories of 4-packs going for $60. We think that is outrageous too! (Sam posted about that just the other day on a Beer Advocate thread)

- We are divvying up our supply as best we can. As with the cases, we are sending small allotments of these kegs to all the wholesalers who can legally sell them. In this case, we are sending kegs to all states where we currently distribute EXCEPT: NC, VT, NH, GA, SC or OH (for legal or licensing issues).We are not selling kegs to individuals. We are not shipping the kegs to accounts, but to wholesalers. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you which specific accounts these kegs are going to. Our Fish Finder shows where beers have gone from our wholesalers to stores, restaurants & bars accounts for the past 60 days (please note: there are a few hold-out wholesalers who don't report their data daily to the database which feeds our Fish Finder). Which means, (see next point), that if an account holds their keg for more than 60 days, it won't be on our Fish Finder.

- There is a good chance these kegs will be aged for some time in the cellars of the great beer bars & drinking establishments that get them. The beer may not go on tap right away. We don't know when and where the kegs will be tapped. If accounts hold em until we do a promo there, it'll (hopefully) end up on the Events section of our website.

- And finally, YES (!) we are making more. We still hope to have two more releases of 120 Minute IPA this year. We feel good about the chances of that, but we've learned our lesson and will keep our fingers crossed. No promises, except that we're working hard to make it happen.


Posted 7/12/2011