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Mustache Mania At Dogfish

Mon, 07/13/2009 - 2:28pm

Our first-ever themed tour day here at the brewery was a big hit! We came out of the gates with Mustache Day on Saturday, July 11th and it was a hoot.

We had real mustaches, fake mustaches, mustache cookies and even mustache decor all over the Milton brewery for the day.

There was lots talk on Twitter about Mustache Day. Even a local beer store tweeted about Mustached Dogfish fans coming in to look for some of the hard-to-find beers that we were sold out of at the brewery!

Mad that you missed out on Mustache Day? Never fear... Big Hair Day is coming August 8th and our friends at Bad Hair Day? in Rehoboth Beach are on board!

Here are some snaps from Mustache Day:

Mustache 1

Mustache 2

Mustache 3

Mustache 4

Mustache 5

Mustache 6

Mustache 7

Mustache 9

Mustache 10

Mustache 11

Mustache 12

Mustache 13