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Lots Of Dogfish Coming At Ya!

Wed, 05/20/2009 - 1:31pm

Seems like a flurry of Occasional and hard-to-find Dogfish is hitting the shelves and taps in the next month or so. Since we sometimes stray from our 2009 Release Schedule (hey, we're off-centered) Here's a preview for you!

Chateau Jiahu has been brewed! It will be packaged June 8th-9th (ish) and begin shipping to wholesalers the following week. Shelves and taps should start seeing it the week of June 22nd.

The rocks have cooled and Sah'tea will be packaged the second week of June (ish) and begin shipping to wholesalers the following week. You should start seeing it out there by late June.

The next batch of Burton Baton is also coming out early this summer. Should be packaged around June 15th and begin shipping to our distributors the following week. Should be arriving in stores, restaurants and bars sometime around the 24th of June. This Burton Baton release is batch number two of three for 2009.

Theobroma will be on the shelves and taps of America starting in July.

Over at the brewpub, we have two Brewpub Exclusive beers getting ready for the debut. Sam & Bryan's chock-full-o-spices Pale India Ale will go on tap this Friday, May 22nd. Friday, June 12th, we're scheduled to put on brewer Wayne Milford's Altar Boy beer.

**Note all these release dates are highly variable and depend on the shipement schdedules for different wholesalers around the country. Some states also prohibit some of our beers due to abv caps, labelling issues, etc...