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Life & Limb/Limb & Life Brews At Sierra Nevada

Wed, 09/09/2009 - 4:58pm

We traveled to the one, the only Sierra Nevada Brewing Company this week for the brews of our collaborative beers 'Life & Limb' and 'Limb & Life.'

The trip has been fantastic - kicked off with a 2.5 hour of the entire facility (such an impressive place with fantastic people all over the place), a meal at their onsite pub, and a final pow-wow on recipe tweaks and launch plans.

Day two of the visit was brew day! Three lengths of the Life & Limb beer were on the schedule. Sam shot this video clip for us during the first boil of the day:

The two beers will be released later this fall through Sierra's distribution network. Launch events on both coasts are being planned now, so stay tuned!