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Keg Love

Wed, 07/15/2009 - 1:01pm

Whether you enjoy your draught Dogfish at your fave local bar or from the tap system in your own home - you want to know that the keg has been cared for and the draught system is well-maintained.

We get questions all the time from folks pouring pints at home. It's hard for us to give out advice to individuals because there are so many variables.

But we psyched to let you know that our friends at the Brewers Association put a whole team of beer folks together for a new resource for you! The Technical Committee of the BA has just released their Draught Beer Quality Manual and made it available to everyone - for free!

The manual addresses everything - from system design and setup to maintenance. There are even sections in there for temporary setups (like picnic taps or jockey boxes) and serving cask ale.

If you have any keg questions, check out the BA's Draught Beer Quality Manual and next time you are at a BA member brewery or at a BA event, let them know how much you appreciate this resource!