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Feeling the Positive Contact

Mon, 06/18/2012 - 3:08pm

Positive Contact, the newest beer in our Music Series begins hitting retailers today.

We're very excited about all the interest in the beer! Lots of you want to know where you can find the beer and when. Here's what we can tell you...

First off - the beer (full beer description here) is packaged in 750ml bottles, packed 6 to a box set and includes a 10-inch vinyl EP of four new Deltron 3030 dub remixes created exclusively for this project, and a list of Deltron 3030-inspired recipes from a small group of renowned chefs. The idea being - you can invite some friends over, rock the album, drink the beer and whip up a multi-course meal. It's a house party in a box. Full story on that here!

We've asked our retail partners to sell the beer as a box set. We will be selling the beer as a box set. Its hard to have a 'party in a box' without the whole box!

We will begin selling box sets from our Milton brewery and Rehoboth Beach brewpub on Tuesday, June 19th. The brewery Tasting Room opens at 11am and the brewpub opens at noon. The price for each box set from our brewery & tasting room is $61.00. To share the love among as many of you as possible, we are limiting sales to 2 box sets per person.

What if you aren't local to us here in coastal Delaware...?

We are sending Positive Contact to as many of our wholesale partners in the 27 states where we sell that we are legally permitted to.

First the less-good news...

Positive Contact is not able to be approved in New Hampshire. The box sets are also not able to be sold in Georgia. We are still waiting on (with crossed fingers) approvals from CT, IL, NC, and TX. We are hopeful those four states will come through with an approval and we are holding beer for wholesalers in those four markets. If approvals come through in the next month or so, we will send Positive Contact to those four states.

Now the good news...

We have been approved to send to our wholesale partners in the other 21 states in which we currently do business!

Now on to finding the beer...

We began shipping to our wholesale partners last week. Within the 21 states where we are approved to ship, there are more than 50 wholesalers. Some have received their shipments and have been able to get it to retailers already, others will receive it over the next week or two. That means that in some markets, Positive Contact begins appearing on shelves today!

What is your best bet for getting ahold of your box set? If you are a regular Dogfish customer, you probably already know which of your local retailers carry a great selection of our Occasional Release beers - so start there! Each store handles releases of limited edition beers in their own special way. Some maintain waiting lists, some offer those beers on a first-come, first serve basis. Another option is to check the Fish Finder on our website. As beers hit retail, our wholesale partners update the database that feeds the Finder. It isn't the best system in the world (particularly with limited release beers), but it is what we have!

We realize there isn't enough Positive Contact box sets for all, but rest assured that the beer, the music and the recipes are all part of the package and were all created with love and care (some of our hand packaging crew even wrote love notes on the box flaps!) for you - the ones who will put the needle on the record, get cooking in the kitchen and enjoy the beer!

Have fun & we can't wait to read the blogs and see the pics from all the house parties!

Secret messages for our customers.

Secret messages for our customers.