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Facebook Giveaway Winners

Tue, 04/12/2011 - 9:45pm



We posted a query today on our Facebook page. Since we were brewing 7 batches of our Indian Brown Ale today, we offered folks a chance to win one of 7 Indian Brown Ale metal signs by posting a comment to our question. Here's what we asked... "Coincidence? We're brewing 7 100bbl batches of Indian Brown Ale today & we have 7 of these metal tackards left!! Who wants one? Comment here on what you'd throw on the BBQ to pair with an IBA. We'll pick our fave 7 posts after 2pm (EST) today."

What do you know... we had more than 1,100 replies! And they were awesome replies! It took a while, but we whittled it down to 7 faves (and we added a few non-prize-winning, yet humorous posts as well). I will attempt to contact all seven winners via Facebook. If you haven't heard from us by end of day tomorrow (**note... turns out a Company page can't send you a direct message), please post a message saying "I won an IBA sign" on our FB page... we have your account names & can verify. Thanks for playing everyone!!!

P-s... I also learned today that I should never, ever ready 1000+ ideas for sumptuous grilling an hour or two before dinner!

Our seven winners:

1) Because it sounds divine...

Sam Fortney shredded bbq spare ribs on top of cornbread with a sunny side up egg

2) Umm... Emu....

Avi Shayevitz Texan emu. Lightly seasoned with a blend of garlic and herb, no sauce. It's like eating a mini T. rex.

3) We're softies for grilled pizzas....

Julie Lowndes Sanders Grilled pizza! Marinate sliced tomatoes and onions in olive oil, balsamic, salt, and pepper, and throw those babies on the grill. When deliciously roasted, throw your pizza dough on the grill. After one side is nice and charred, flip it and add the tomato/onion mixture and top with cheese - I'm thinking smoked mozzarella and smoked Gouda with a little parm. And because it's a special beer, you might want to throw on a farm fresh egg. They (farm fresh eggs and IBA) make the world a better place.

4) Because it is spring....

Chris Coldiron I'm thinking fish...line caught Opah with grilled Meyer lemons. Plus a salad with some charred ramps and grilled baby artichokes. Drizzle that with a smoky chipotle vinaigrette and toss with a little bit of cooked faro. Serve the fish alongside with the lemons and crack a an IBA! Oh and smile...did I mention the smiling?

5) For the WOW! factor...

Lindsey Timberman I'd go a little crazy and bake rapsberry-chipotle brownies with a chocolate ganache (yup, on the grill!) The smokey flavor of the chipotle and the sweet of the raspberry and chocolate will go awesome with the Indian Brown Ale!

6) Because Sam loves a good cheesesteak....

Steve Owens I would grill a flat iron steak medium rare. Sliced real thin toss with grilled onions and peppers. Put on a crusty steak roll with some provolone and chipotle mayo.

7) And one for sheer ingenuity...

Chaes Edwards Well I'm currently in Afghanistan so I would have to steal a steak from the chow hall and cover it in salt and black pepper (thats all we got), then grill it on some rebar placed across two stones. It would be wood fired over broken up pallets. Then I would acquire a can of corn from a care package and dump the corn in a foil pouch and grill it next to the steak. Then I would need to go on the hunt for someone who just got a package from Grandma and try to talk my way into some 2 week old homemade cookies for dessert!

Honorable Mentions (sorry, we're outta signs), but wanted to share them just because they made us smile...

Michael Adams My God damn mother-in-law!! But it might take two grills to wedge her on there!

Adam Dixon Just fill the grill with ice to keep more of the iba cold.

Mike Zilla I'd order a pizza, place it in the grill, then remove it. :D

Daria Guttilla Hell, I'd throw my husband on the BBQ to get my hands on some of that sweet IBA! (Although, he's got enough DFH running throw his blood that I'm suuuure he'd pair well!)

David Satterfield With one IBA in hand, I'd open the lid to my unlit Big Green Egg, place a second IBA on the grill rack, close the lid, drink my first IBA, open the lid, open the second IBA, and drink it. Perfect pairing.

Brandon Palmer It would likely go like this.... After several IBA's and a whole lot of BS, we'd forget the grill was still on and HOT....and we'd likely pair the IBA with gourmet grilled PBJ's and Grilled Cheese sammiches.. Oh the power and distraction of the IBA.

Thanks again for playing everyone. If you aren't following our posts on Facebook, click here and click that little 'Like' button for all the latest and greatest!