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Dogfish Ranked Top US Brewery

Thu, 06/30/2011 - 3:50pm


June 30, 2011

Zymurgy, the journal of the American Homebrewers Association (AHA), announced the results of its annual reader survey of the "Best Beers in America." The 2011 winner for the "Top Ranked Brewery in America" and Best Portfolio is Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. Twenty eight of the brewerys beers received votes with 90 Minute IPA, 60 Minute IPA, Indian Brown Ale, Palo Santo Marron and 120 Minute IPA all landing in the top fifty.

We are honored to have our beers recognized by Zymurgy readers, says Sam Calagione, President of Dogfish Head, in addition we are quite humbled to be in the company of the other fantastic beers and breweries that sit with us on the list.

Zymurgy has been conducting the annual survey for nine years, inviting readers to vote online for their 20 favorite beers that are commercially available in the United States. Votes were received from more than 28,000 Zymurgy readers around the world.

With more than 1,700 breweries now in the U.S. and more than 600 breweries in planning, according to statistics compiled by the Brewers Association, there are more choices than ever for beer lovers to explore, according to Jill Redding, editor of Zymurgy. "The Zymurgy readers' poll grows in numbers and prestige each year," said Redding. "As homebrewers and beer lovers, our readers have some of the most sophisticated and knowledgeable palates on the planet."

The complete Zymurgy list of the "Best Beers in America" is available on HomebrewersAssociation.org.

Learn more about Zymurgy magazine on the AHA website.


The American Homebrewers Association has worked on behalf of the homebrewing community since 1978 and celebrates a membership of more than 25,000 homebrewers. The American Homebrewers Association (AHA) organizes events including the National Homebrewers Conference and National Homebrew Competition. The AHA also publishes Zymurgy magazine. The AHA is part of the Brewers Association, whose Brewers Publications division is the largest publisher of contemporary and relevant brewing literature for today's craft brewers and homebrewers.