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Dogfish Nabs Two BevStar Awards

Tue, 08/03/2010 - 12:31pm

Beverage World Magazine recently announced their 2010 BevStar Awards, and Dogfish got two nods!!!

The magazine's awards recognize innovation in each major beverage segment. The BW editorial team judges candidates based on a number of criteria: ingredients, packaging, market positioning and uniqueness.

The first BevStar Award for Dogfish is our Sah'tea as the Silver Winner for Beer: Craft Brewer. Editors wrote, "The ever-inventive brewery in Delaware is at it again and manages to score two awards in our inaugural presentation. With Dogfish Head's Sah'tea offering, the brewery demonstrated that it's got a real set of stones. Unveiled last summer, Sah'tea's origins stretch back to an old Finnish brewing method from the 9th century. The brewer caramelizes the wort of the rye-based concoction with white-hot river rocks and adds juniper berries from the Finnish countryside. Additionally, it includes a 'tea' made with black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and black pepper. It's got an ABV of about 9 percent and is offered as a limited release. Sah'tea is the most recent end result of the brewery's continuing archaeological dabblings, recreating ancient brewing styles (see also Theobroma, Midas Touch and Chateau Jiahu). And it's yet another creation that lives up to Dogfish Head's 'off-centered' ethos."

The second BevStar Award for Dogfish is a Special Jury Award for Social Media. Editors wrote, "First, some stats: 54,831 Facebook fans; 18,634 followers on Twitter. (By now, those numbers have most likely increased.) Not bad for a craft beer company based in Milton, Del. known as Dogfish Head. Often recognized as a company that makes personal connections with its fans, Dogfish Head's social media approach has provided the brewery with a successful way to communicate with its consumers one-on-one and initiate dialogue. From the looks of things beer drinkers are talking, listening and, no doubt, relating to the brand."

Thanks to all those involved in the Beverage World's BevStar Awards - we appreciate your love & support!