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Ancient Ales Badge Unveiled on Untappd

Mon, 05/02/2011 - 11:56am


May 2, 2010

Like a time capsule for your taste buds, our Ancient Ales series transports the modern beer connoisseur back to a time when our ancestor-brewers were unencumbered by laws and style guidelines. In celebration of these bottles of brewing history, we've teamed up with Untappd (a social network just for beer lovers!) to bring you a special edition badge to coincide with our 2011 Ancient Ale releases!


To unlock this badge, you will need to savor at least three of the five ancient ales and check into them on Untappd.

This badge will be available starting today, Monday, May 2nd until August 2nd.Here is a link to the Untappd blog post about the Ancient Ale badge. While Midas Touch is available year round, the other four will be slowly released over the next few months. Keep a close eye on our website, Twitter, Facebook and our online release schedule for the latest on when these beers are hitting the market (and since we see Untappd check-ins for all these beers on a weekly basis, we do know some of previous batches are still available out there too!).

Don't have an account on Untappd? It's easy to do - just visit their site and set up your own account! Some of our folks are on there and checking in to beers on a regular basis. In fact, when you get your Untappd account set up, feel free to send an Untappd friend request to 'Mariah Calagione,' our resident social-networked drinker.

Have fun & cheers.