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2009 Off-Centered Film Fest Winners Announced

Thu, 03/19/2009 - 1:10pm

Another year of the Off-Centered Film Fest meant another great night of watching short films, drinking Dogfish beer and making tough decisions. The competition was fierce and the arm-wrestling was fun, but in the end we had three short films that we look forward to showing you in Austin, TX for the April 3 & 4, 2009 Off-Centered Film Festival.

Without further ado, here are the winners:

First Place:
Christopher Rose Dogfish Head Commercial
Director, Christopher Rose
Austin, TX

Second Place:
Psychedelic Dogfish Head Beer Commercial
Director, Dax Norman
Sunnydale, CA

Third Place
World Wide Clout
Director: Erik Mitchell
Philadelphia, PA

These three films, with a selection of the additional entires will be screening at the Off-Centered Film Festival on April 3 & 4, 2009 at the Alamo Drafthouse, Lake Creek in Austin Texas. Event information, ticket pricing and information about the event are available through at the Off-Centered Film Fest website.

Thank you to everyone involved in the film submitted to the 2009 Off-Centered Film competition, we had a great time watching all the entries!

Stay tuned to www.dogfish.com to watch the winners (we’ll get them up after the premiere in Austin!) and for information about the 2010 Off-Centered Film Fest!


Here is the list of all the submissions that will be screened at the 2009 Off-Centered Film Fest (in no particular order): 

Beer Nanny - Gordon and Cindy DelGiorno

Choose Yourself a Beer- Thomas Micheal Rumpf II and Derek Paul Dysart

Lord of the Chains- Mason Bo Ale

Keepin' it Off-Centered- Marlo Kostelecky

Dogfish Obsession- Phil Charron

Zombie Beer Run- Jeremiah D Cook

World Wide Clout - Erik Mitchell (THIRD PLACE)

Psychedelic Dogfish- Dax Norman (SECOND PLACE)

Trevor's Big Break- Melissa Jernigan

Office Party- Brian Fuller

Sam and the Man- Hank Vohrer*

Pong- Danny F Sanders

Andrew Michael Cherry- Christopher Rose (FIRST PLACE)