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When Sam digs into his stash, vintage ale lovers win!


Did you know that some of our brews actually get better with time? Much like a fine wine, many of our strongest beers reach their peak after a little cellar time.


Sam has dug into his personal stash and hooked up our Rehoboth Beach brewpub with a heaping helping of vintage Dogfish. These extraordinary ales have grown in complexity as they mellowed.

Sure, you could buy a bottle of Black & Blue and wait … and wait … and wait … then wait some more. Or you could let us do all that waiting and get right to the enjoying part.

Starting Saturday, 2009 Black & Blue, 2008 World Wide Stout and 2008 Olde School will be on the menu. Each of these special ales is served from a 12-oz or 750-ml bottle into snifters and makes the perfect end to a meal or a great accompaniment to your dessert.