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Try Dogfish Head's canned collab at our Rehoboth brewpub

Mon, 04/15/2013 - 10:33am

For a limited time, Liquid Breadfruit – a canned collaboration with our friends at Maui Brewing Co. – is available at Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats in Rehoboth Beach, Del.

This Imperial Golden Ale is brewed with 'ulu (local Maui breadfruit), toasted papaya seeds and a yeast strain captured on a peach farm in Delaware.

liquid breadfruit

"One day I saw an article in a newspaper about breadfruit and it sounded enticing. We had recently isolated a yeast strain native to Delaware that has a lot of tropical notes. … I said 'DANG!' to myself and shot Garrett an email asking him what he thought about breadfruit.”

This collaborative effort pulled in many ideas, including the use of toasted papaya seeds, Calypso hops and additional bread-inspired grains.

"It tastes like what it feels like to be on Maui," Sam says. "Like nature magnified: tropical and refreshing and lovely.”

A limited supply of the 8.2% ABV Liquid Breadfruit is available now for $4.50 a can at the Rehoboth pub. Sorry, no cans to go.