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Off-Centered Film Fest winner so gangsta it comes in a 2-pac

Tue, 04/23/2013 - 3:02pm

Congratulations to director Giselle Kennedy and crew for their repeat victory in the annual Off-Centered Film Fest.

Last year, Giselle and friends won with "The Rainbow Ranch Inn," and they came back with mics blazin' this year with "Brewmama."

"Daughter of a farmer, hotter than a sauna, nothing comes between me and my Craft Brew Mama!"

In a close second was the action-packed "Duel of the Dogfist 2: Positive Contact" directed by Raymond C. Lai of Long Beach, Calif. We dug the dubbing and the special effects of this fight to the near-death.

And finally, if you've ever wondered what would happen if a hipster, a hippie and a hip-hop artist collided, you'll love third-place winner "Hippie Hip-Hop Hipster Hippity Hops" directed by Joe DeWitt of Pittsburgh, Pa.

Dogfish's Sam Calagione, Alamo Draft House's John Gross and the winning filmmakers joined more than 1,000 craft beer and film fans last week for the three-day fest. Besides the hip-hop themed short-film competition, there was a "Friday" Beer Party, a "Last Dragon" Beer Feast, a Jiggy Crunk Sing-A-Long and more off-centered fun.

We're already hatching the plan for next year's fest, so stay tuned for the dates and theme. And a huge off-centered thanks to Alamo and the people of Austin. See you next year!

Dogfish's Sam Calagione, Alamo's John Gross and friends get a kick out of some pics.

Britt Coleman lays down some rhymes. His film won the People's Choice Awards.

Awesome Alamo server Lauren makes a few fest-goers happy.

Cheesemongers from Antonelli's know what's up. Do you?

Film fest winners and crew. They did it again!

A good time was had by all.

Dogfish donated $1,000 to the Texas Craft Brewers Guild.

ocff7Jiggy Crunk Sing-A-Long!