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Lobster bisque? Check. Plastic bib? Check. Now you're ready for a Choc Lobster!

Mon, 07/02/2012 - 10:06am

Take a robust porter, add 6 pounds of dark cocoa powder and 40 lobsters and what do you get? Choc Lobster!

Choc Lobster was hatched as a super-small beer-dinner batch to pair with white chocolate lobster sliders and dark chocolate lobster bisque. Sam happened to be at that dinner and got a kick out of the beer, so we brewed a second batch to give more pub-goers a taste.

ChocGregg, Jessica and Eddie toast the tapping of Choc Lobster!

Order a Choc Lobster and you'll be treated to roasty notes of bittersweet chocolate, a slight herbal nuance from a bit of basil tea, and a subdued taste of the ocean in the finish. The sliders and bisque are on the specials menu, too, and best of all, Choc Lobster is served with a plastic lobster bib!

What else is going on at the pub in July?

For starters, every Monday and Friday we run one of our off-centered ales through a contraption called Randall the Enamel Animal. What's a Randall, you ask? It's a double-chambered filter filled with flavor-enhancing ingredients. You might find 90 Minute IPA amplified with an extra dose of whole-leaf hops, Chicory Stout infused with vanilla beans or something totally wreckless like Midas Touch run through limes and mint. Midas-jito, anyone?

We also have rockin' live music every Friday and Saturday. Among the acts on tap are Big Fat Slim & the Has-Beens, lower case blues and the on-fire up-and-comers Delta Rae (Watch 'em on Leno here!). The shows start at 10 p.m., and as always, no cover!

See you at the pub!