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Keep cool with a Midas-jito

Fri, 07/19/2013 - 4:00pm

A heat wave has rolled in and parked itself over the East Coast. It's sticky, it's stagnant, and there's no end in …

Wait a minute. We've got an idea!


It's part beer, part cocktail, and all sorts of refreshing. Here's the plan:

Grab a Midas Touch, our sweet yet dry (swry, dreet?) Ancient Ale that's part wine, part mead. Pour it into a Randall Jr. – in a pinch, any old French Press will do – and add lime slices and a big sprig of mint. Cap and cool your concoction for a about 10 minutes … and BAM! … you just made a Midas-jito!

Pour that little work of off-centered art into a highball glass and savor the fruits of your creativity.

Feel better yet?