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Get Punked for Punkin Week

Mon, 08/29/2011 - 10:25am

Few things get Dogfish die-hards as pumped as Punkin Ale. Whether it's the smooth hints of pumpkin, the organic brown sugar or the savory spices you've been waiting nine months for, it's finally time to get your Punk on!

Punkin Ale is ready. Are you?

Punkin Ale is ready. Are you?

Punkin Ale has come a long way since Sam debuted his spiced pumpkin homebrew in 1994 -- yup, a full six months before Dogfish Head opened for business. Back then, he wowed the judges in a recipe contest at Delaware's seriously off-centered Punkin Chunkin festival.

Although the official release date for Punkin Ale is always Sept. 1, we're already getting reports of it popping up on shelves and taps around the country. We'll be making ours available from the brewery and pub starting Tuesday, Aug. 30. If you've been looking and waiting in your neck of the woods, it shouldn't be much longer -- Punkin will be rolling out over the next two weeks or so and will appear on the Fish Finder as it makes it way to retailers.

Since its award-winning debut, Punkin has been a staple seasonal, and this year we've brewed, bottled and delivered our biggest batch ever. The rest is up to you! So grab a four-pack and Get Punked for Punkin Week:

* If you're planning to tour our Milton brewery or drop by our tasting room this week, show us your mohawks, safety pins and studded belts. Whatever your punk of choice -- skate, garage, gypsy or steam -- if you dress the part, you just might get an off-centered surprise. Plenty of Punkin will be available to sample, and visitors can buy up to a case to take home. The tours are booking fast, so visit www.dogfish.com to grab a spot.

* Check out our Facebook page throughout the week for Punkin recipes, punk rock pairings and photos from our tasting room.

* Or grab a pint at our Rehoboth brewpub and celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of Punkin season!

We'll drink to that. Cheers!