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Brewpub exclusives: Imported from the next room

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 2:45pm

It's always a good time to drop by Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats in Rehoboth Beach, Del., but right now – with five brewpub exclusives on draft – it's the end of a beer-lover's rainbow.

The inspirations for brewpub exclusives are as diverse as their ingredient bills. You'll find international collaborations, off-centered experiments, re-creations of Ancient and antique styles and co-worker celebrations. Whatever they are, you won't find 'em anywhere else, and when they're gone, they're gone.

brewpub exclusivesDogfish co-workers brew an Eastern European kvass.

Enough jibber-jabber. Here's the beer available now:

Sun Never Sets IPA
This is an international three-way with Canada's Dieu du Ciel! and London's Beavertown. Each brewery contributed an India-inspired ingredient to create this hoppy IPA with complex notes of tropical fruit and exotic spice. The key flavor influences are jaggery, a complex palm sugar, Malabar black pepper and tamarind. Canadian and English malts and American calypso and citra hops were used in this recipe. Fermented with English and American yeasts. 7.25% ABV

Ancient Ale: Nordicthern Europe
This Ancient Ale is based on evidence from Scandinavian and Scottish drinking vessels dating as far back as the mid-4th millennium B.C. We developed this gruit-like brew with ingredients including bog myrtle, meadowsweet, yarrow, bog cranberries, lingonberries, birch syrup and wildflower honey. 8% ABV

History of Past Years
An Eastern European Kvass, traditionally made with stale bread. This version, brewed with our European co-workers, was made with malted barley, rye and wheat. Mint was added before a lactic fermentation. Ale yeast finished off the fermentation. Floral with a gentle acidity to welcome spring. 2% ABV
Province Windsor Ale
Province Ale Company’s fourth release is a brew that has been “held in high estimation for several years in London.” Brewed with halcyon and optic English pale malts and the finest East Kent golding and fuggles hops and then fermented with an ale yeast from London, Windsor Ale is a distinguished strong pale ale. It's straw colored with a rich, bready malt character balanced by earthy hops. 8.5% ABV

Province Saxony-Anhalt Ale
Brewed with all German Vienna and English amber malts, this ale is a rich amber color and has a strong toasty bite. Earthy European hops, coriander, caraway and hartshorn (antler shavings) were added to the boil. 5.9% ABV

See you at the pub!