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60 Minute IPA relaunching in half a dozen states

Mon, 07/14/2014 - 10:38am

60 Minute here, 60 Minute there … 60 Minute (nearly) everywhere!

We're super-excited to announce the relaunch of our top-selling IPA in several states where Dogfish Head is distributed.

“We didn’t feel comfortable re-releasing 60 Minute until we had the means to keep the shelves filled,” says Vice President of Sales Adam Lambert. “After an eight-figure expansion, we finally have the production capacity to keep up with the added demand.” 

Over the next few weeks, cases of 60 Minute will be rolling out in:

  • * Indiana
  • * Wisconsin
  • * Colorado
  • * Northern California
  • * Washington
  • * Oregon 

To find retailers where 60 Minute IPA — and any other Dogfish Head beer — has been delivered in the past 60 days, punch your ZIP code into the Fish Finder. 

And if you're in Wisconsin, Colorado or Indiana, come on out and celebrate the return of 60 with us at these launch parties: