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3 reasons why we have the #bestjobsever

Wed, 08/06/2014 - 12:47pm

When you’re a kid, it’s a pretty awesome feeling to know that your friends secretly envy the cool things you have: your Barbie Beach House or your new Big Wheel or that epic trip to Disney you took that one summer. As an adult, you get a certain sense of pride when your friends envy the thing that many people have, but most despise: your job.

“I work for Dogfish Head Craft Brewery.” The answer to the “Where do you work?” question always causes the same reaction. Initial surprise, followed by excitement, quickly squashed with a burning jealousy. But these folks are only scratching the surface of why this place rocks. 

They think it’s just because we get to drink amazing beer all the time (well, not all the time, but we have reinvented the Friday happy hour in the form of Beer:30). But once they hear that my job allows me to work in a company of off-centeredites (is that a word?) who collectively make some of the greatest craft beer on the planet all while engaging in zany antics and just generally doing cool stuff, I usually hear: “You have the best job ever.”

The beer is one of hundreds of reasons I love coming to work every day, but here are my top 3. 

1. Have you ever been annoyed that Halloween dress-up day is only once a year? You won’t find that to be a problem at Dogfish. We devote many a weekday to dressing up: work twinsies day (that's me and my twin up top), Dress for Success Day (our COO threw a fax machine off the roof), tracksuit day, the list goes on. 

Tracksuit day!Tracksuit day!

2. Have you ever wanted to rub elbows with your idols? Fortunately for us, we are a travel destination for a lot of really cool people. It’s not every day Robert F#@KING Plant comes to your office and puts his arm around you for a group photo. 

Robert Plant!Me and Bob!

3. The countless events, incredible perks and proximity to the beach are cool and all, but what makes our jobs hands-down “the best” is the fact that we are one big family. Not like Barney “I love you, You love me,” stuff, because let’s face it – we do have our fair share of arguments like any normal family. But this is a place full of off-centered, envelope-pushing, limit-testing, fun-seeking, wacky and unique people. And we’re always looking for more. 


All of the awesome stuff we experience is made that much awesomer because we get to share in those moments together. And as a wise man once said, “Together we are heavy.”

Bailey Borzecki is an off-centered generalist in the Human Resources department.