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Down on the farm (visits)!

Wed, 06/22/2011 - 9:46am

Janelle here- - the Marketing Intern at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery! In between learning the ins and outs of the craft beer world, and learning to apply the classroom knowledge I have, I've taken on the marketing of an aspect near and dear to Dogfish's heart: Sustainability! This summer I'm hittin' the road, equipped with a good camera and decent sense of direction to highlight our wonderful suppliers of the Rehoboth Brew Pub. Dogfish Head stands by the motto "Think global, but eat local" by calling on the services of local and quality driven farms. Visiting as many of these farms as I can, I take a hands on approach to finding out what makes these farms such an integral part of the Dogfish way. From turkeys to tomatoes I've walked the lands, snapped the pictures, and captured a taste of the local flavors. Here you'll find my adventures of "The Sustainable Summer."