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Tue, 06/29/2010 - 12:27pm

It's just about July, and it's getting steamy here at Dogfish! Or steam-punky, to be more precise. This week marked the milestone of the completion of the Steampunk Treehouse here at the brewery (see pics below). Sean Orlando and his crew of hooligans came out from California to construct it and I've gotta say, pictures just don't do it justice. This project began back almost two years ago, so we are really excited to finally have it here. Big thanks to all who made it happen! We have also created a couple of special pieces that were inspired by the treehouse that were really created as items for our best accounts across the country, but then we thought it'd be cool to make a few of them for ya'lls, our loyal supporters! We made a Steampunk IPA clock and a Steampunk tap handle. Please be aware that both are limited in their availability. As much as I'd really like to live in the treehouse, they won't let me do it, so bringing these pieces into my abode is the closest I can get. Get yours while they last!