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New web store launched! Lots of new goodies for you.

Fri, 06/12/2009 - 9:38am


The last piece of our new website is up and running-our new web-store!  And on it, you will find tons of great new stuff:  Johnny Cask t-shirt, new long-sleeve women's tee, handy beach chairs, luxurious beach towels, Festina Peche lip balm, a re-designed Hops tee, a women's bike jersey for the first time ever-it goes on and on.  And all your old favorites are still there too.  You will notice a cleaner checkout process, better shipping costs, and a more maneuverable store in general.  There may be some strangeness here and there-wait, let me rephrase that:  there will be definitely be strangeness, but if you notice any strangeness that is out of the ordinary type of strangeness you encounter on our website, please let me know.  Happy shopping!