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more skins, please!

Tue, 04/06/2010 - 2:43pm

Awright, awright! We hear ya! You needed more Dogfish Gelaskins to fit the multitudes of celluleashes out there, so we brought in three more: iTouch, Blackberry Storm, and Droid. So, in addition to the iPhone and Blackberry Curve that we already carried, along with the laptop skins, we hopefully will have most of yall covered now. If youre not familiar with them, Gelaskins are these great sticker-like pieces that adhere to your device to give it some added bling. The cool thing, is though, that when you take em off, they dont leave residue or mess like stickers dothey come clean off! They also provide a wee bitty bit of protection from scratches and such. Dont delay get em while the gettins good!