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early fall at Dogfish

Thu, 09/24/2009 - 12:20pm

Aaahh, summer is winding down here in Southern Delaware, but you wouldn't know it here at Dogfish! Tours are still packed almost every day. It is absolutely the most beautiful time of year to come, though, so just be sure you make your reservation in advance and come on down here to see us. And of course we got the Dogfish Dash this weekend which we are all just about bustin' at the seams over-it's out here at the brewery for the first time this year (instead of the Pub where it's been in years past), and we're getting a little crazy with keg sprints, costumes, beer tasting, awesome raffle prizes, rockin' live music, and of course, the beer will be flowin'. We are also making this a plastic bottle free event-every runner will get a reusable water bottle which we fill for you at our water stations-no bags and bags of landfill just for good ol' h2o here! And, beer will be served in corn-based cups which we will compost after the event. Can't wait to see you all...'sgonna be great! Oh, and if you happen to see a gal hobbling around on crutches, you should really give her your beer-it's the kind thing to do...