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Dogfish's new signature glass!

Fri, 05/08/2009 - 12:52pm

It's here!  This glass is the result of a lot of folk's hard work.  Our QA team specified what shape works best to enhance aroma and flavor. Sam, Mariah, Adam and I worked on aesthetics and finding something that felt really good in your hand-- something with some weight . . . and character.  And then of course all the good, kind Dogfishers who so selflessly drank many beers out of various iterations of this glass to compare and contrast their qualities.  Long story short-- this is it:  A drinking vessel among drinking vessels.  It is hefty, beautiful, and subtly logo'd in a transluscent print.  It also has a teensy DFH logo laser etched in the bottom of the glass.  It's called nucleation, and it creates a nifty stream of tiny bubbles in your beer-- bringing even more life and excitement to it than you already get with a DFH brew.  Get yours today.  Here's a link:  https://store.dogfish.com/item/Dogfish_Head_Signature_glass/877/Glasses/35/index.htm