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Dogfish bocce set arrives on the scene!

Fri, 08/14/2009 - 9:29am


Bocce is our thing here at Dogfish.  Or at least it was, until our expansion project necessitated the demolition of our courts.  We're not worried-- they'll be back by the time leaves start to fall.  In the meantime, we are just pleased as punch to offer (due to demand from you folks out there) for the first time ever . . . the Dogfish Head Bocce set!  Perfect for taking with you to the beach, parties, cookouts, grandma's house, the dentist, the DMV, or town hall meetings (seems like they could use a little lightening of the mood).  A case of Dogfish beer and one of the sets and you're a traveling one-man (woman) party. https://www.dogfish.com/store/whatnot/coastal-livin/dogfish-bocce-sets.htm

Also new in our on-line store is the Dogfish Head storybook.  This compact version of our story is a nifty little addition to any beer-lover's bag o' tricks.  Or if you can't make it all the way to Delaware to see us, it's the next best thing.  As an added bonus, it's scented (like wood, paying homage to our wood beer series)!   And the cherry on top is that each one is stamped by hand with our branding iron on the cover (most likely by our tour guide John, who if you stand still long enough will brand you, too). https://www.dogfish.com/store/whatnot/books/dogfish-head-storybook.htm

Other new goodies in the store include a new shark-shaped key-chain opener (revised and better than ever), and a brass and wood opener.  Two new t-shirts are coming down the pipe pretty quick as well. Stay tuned!