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Super summer comes to a close....

Thu, 09/17/2009 - 2:23pm

As the arrival of Labor Day marks the end of the summer season, traffic thins and the days get shorter, winds a little cooler and there is only a few days left of meter season.  You can now use your quarters to play Bad Cats Pinball and Donkey Kong upstairs at the pub.  There won't be as many kids lined up in front of you.  This summer was fantastic in Rehoboth, we had a record number of guests visit the pub.  We saw a ton of familiar faces from the brewery, longtime locals, and regular and repeat seasonal visitors.   We served over 8,900 pizzas, 9,500 burgers, 6,400 crab cakes, 6500 kids meals (explains the line at the pinball machines.) From the bar we served over 320 cases of Dogfish Head Spirits and our bartenders pulled the taps almost 100,000 times.  That doesn't include the beer to go and the almost 12,000 items sold at our tiny retail area.  Those are the numbers that made our summer a success but the reason we were able to do those things is because of our team.  I want to thank everyone in Milton for the support and beer, merchandise and resources that helped us reach our fullest potential this summer.  I am extremely proud of the pub team and want to thank each and every one of them for their hard work day in and day out.   The credit for our success can be shared among everyone that came to work and made our guests feel welcome and at home directly or indirectly.  Font of house or back of house the pub team did some amazing things this summer and I am truly proud to be a part of the Dogfish Team.  Thanks to everyone......Some highlights...Eric Lindell playing Memorial Day weekend, record breaking  July 4th. Weekend, Reggae legend Eek a Mouse packing the house, More brewpub exclusives than ever before including the Chicha top secret experiment, Black IPA, Ryehoboth , Pale Indian Ale, Goser the Gosarian.  Cask Ale night developing a strong following,  expanding our tour schedule to accommodate more visitors to 3 days a week, Closing the summer with The Waco Brothers and Charismatic Megafauna.    I can't forget the end of the season bash at Jungle Jim's....Awful weather but great company.  Thanks again everyone.  We could not have done any of this without you. 

The end of the summer means the start of the off season and there is plenty going on in September and October to keep you all coming back to Rehoboth and visiting the pub.  Stay tuned for details.