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Lights out for Dogfish Growlers

Mon, 05/17/2010 - 5:24pm

Dont worry you can still get growlers of most of our beers at our Rehoboth Pub but what you wont get is the familiar clear growler. Very soon we will be selling the last of our clear growlers and switching to amber colored growlers. Why the switch? The same reason Superman stays away from Kryptonite, light is public enemy number one to beer. The light reacts with the chemical compounds that make up the flavors derived from hops in the beer and produces a less than appealing taste. Think Pepe Le Pew in a glass. You guessed it - skunky beer. We have a few clear glass growlers left and then we will debut the new amber light deflecting growlers. Don't fret; your clear growlers are still very useful. We also have growler cozies, an insulated suit for your growler that not only blocks light but keeps your growler chilly. Ask your server, bartender or kiosk staff for a look at the growler coats and amber glass. Same great price, New light blocking protection. It's like sunglasses for your beer. On sale soon!