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Is it July 26th already......

Sun, 07/26/2009 - 3:15pm

Summer time and the living is easy.....It seems like just yesterday we were anticipating the arrival of summer, the heat, the thunderstorms and great live bands that visit Rehoboth every year.  Well, I just realized that not only is summer almost halfway over and I haven't blogged since June something or other....Sorry bout that folks.  It is summer and that means different things to different folks.  Here in Rehoboth, that means days spent soaking up the sun at the beach, enjoying the great shops and restaurants, skee-ball (does anyone play skee-ball anymore), mini-golf, go carts, fishing, visiting the state parks and stopping by Dogfish Head to refresh and recharge your batteries.  Great music can still be found at the pub every Friday and Saturday night all year round and sometimes we have music during the week.   This Tuesday July 28th. Is on of those times....Reggae legend Eek-A-Mouse is bringing his island vibe to Dogfish.  Tickets are $15 and available at the pub at 320 Rehoboth Avenue.  Plan ahead for a Labor Day show not to be missed.  The Waco Brothers will be here on September 4th.  Their mix of hellfire country and mournful punk truly inspire. They are working to save music so you don't have to.  Don't miss their only Rehoboth show of the summer.  Check out our event page for a full list of bands playing at the pub.Summer means crowds and crowds drink a lot of beer.  Some crowds more than others.  Some crowds drink more of one type of beer than other crowds.  I will apologize in advance if the crowd that just left as you came into the pub drank all of your favorite Dogfish Head beer.  We are trying to keep our website up to date with current offerings on tap but sometimes we run out and have to put another great DFH beer on tap.  Look for the return of Ryehoboth.  This Rye beer is refreshing, brewed with rye and German malts and will be poured on nitrogen for a smooth refreshing summer favorite.  Soon after the Ryehobeth we will tap a Black IPA brewed by Josh, one of brewers from Milton.  This aggressively hopped Pale Ale uses debittered black malt to give it a slight roasty character and opaque hue.  Get em while they last.If you haven't visited Rehoboth yet...don't worry.  There is plenty of time left this summer and if you can't make it before labor day, there is plenty of great weather and things to do all year round.