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Heeeeeeere's Johnny.....

Tue, 03/24/2009 - 4:58pm

Johnny Cask is coming to the pub on Thursday March 26, 2009.  The long awaited arrival of the cask program will be unvailed at 7:50PM.  Join us and the folks in Philly, Boston and New York as we simultaneously tap 75 Minute IPA.  Lead Brewer Bryan Selders, the guy that single handedly filled all the casks that are heading up and down the eastern seaboard...O.K. he may have used both hands and may have had some help, will be at the Rehoboth Pub to swing the hammer and tap the cask at 7:50PM.  What a way to finish up the first week of spring. 


Come on down to the pub or if you are in NY, Philly or Beantown go get some cask ale while it lasts....