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Summer Lovin - had us a blast!

Wed, 08/15/2012 - 8:58am

WOOOOOSH…..Did you see that? It was SUMMER flying by! Have the co-workers been busy at Dogfish!


We’ve had several Lunch & Learns since my last blog, one hosted by none other than me, Big Mama! It was two tons of fun teaching co-workers how to research their ancestry and find their long lost relatives. Mike DiPaolo from the Lewes Historical Society came in and talked about Lewes’ steamy past which included shipwrecks, witches, murder and brothels. Quite interesting! Jason Beale from Abbott’s Mill Nature Center in Milford taught us a few bird calls chirped by some of our native birds and even told us there is no such thing as a sea gull – they are just gulls – I still refuse to believe it.

Just a gull - not a sea gull.Just a gull - not a sea gull.

Summer jams have been heating up at Beer-Thirty on Fridays. Dogfish has some talented co-workers that can pick, grin and strum with the best of them! Liquid Groove, a local duet comprised of Flo & Rich even joined us one afternoon performing everything from Pink Floyd to Adele, boy do they know how to rock it!

 Flo & RichLiquid Groove: Flo & Rich

Co-workers joined together to create another hilarious you tube video in celebration of National IPA Day 2012. I absolutely adore their smiles, it’s so worth coming to work every day just to feel the love!

 Sam and MariahIPA Day Video: Sam and Mariah

Lastly, we had a special guest who carried the Olympic torch for Dogfish. Even though we didn’t compete in any of the London games, we showed our support and represented. They may not let us do it again in four years but hey, we gave it our best!

 We carried the flame...Dogfish Olympian: We carried the flame...

Stay tuned. Can’t wait to see what fall holds for our Dogfish family, whatever it is, it’ll be good and we will have fun!