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He Came, He Ate, He Judged The Salsa!

Thu, 06/09/2011 - 1:54pm

Dogfish Co-Workers took part in their first ever brewery salsa competition on May 27, 2011. No, they weren't dancing with the stars, they were dancing in their kitchens trying to create the greatest salsa ever known to man, well, ever known to one man, Sam who graciously offered his services as our official judge! Sam tasted and studied each and every creative concoction before offering his winning conclusions. (I can't be sure but I think it's safe to say he enjoyed eating the salsa more than the Spam we made him try once?)

Our Judge Sam C.Our Judge Sam C.

The Warehouse, HR, Marketing, The Brewers, Accounting, Sales, Maintenance and Packaging were all represented with thirteen delectable entries. Competing for the three top titles were Patrick F., myself, Todd F., Mark C., Ryan H., George M., Angela B., Bryan H., Adam L., Cindy D., Lewis M. & Chad C. There was a large variety of dishes from what one might consider "typical salsa" to salsas containing different types of fruit, one was even accompanied by home made tortilla chips with cinnamon and sugar, (combined with the strawberry salsa - it was simply to die for!).

Participants had a good time watching Sam deliberate over his choices. When he was finished, not only did he determine which salsa (or Salsa) he thought were the best - he actually graded and critiqued each entry! No one got less than a B+!

Eager Co-Workers Await ResultsEager Co-Workers Await Results

When everything was said and done - and Sam had major heart burn - he decided that first place was a three way tie between Adam L., Chad C. & Bryan H. Second Place went to Angela B. and third place went to George M. who made the homemade tortilla chips.

Three Way Tie 1st Place Winner ChadThree Way Tie 1st Place Winner Chad

Three Way Tie 1st Place Winners Adam L. & Bryan H.Three Way Tie 1st Place Winners Adam L. & Bryan H.

2nd Place Winner Angela B.2nd Place Winner Angela B.

3rd Place Winner3rd Place Winner

Once the judging was over, co-workers from all over the brewery stopped by to try the different salsas. A great time was had by all. Scratch that...a delicious time was had by all!

Stay tuned for more celebrations from the DFH co-workers!

posted 6/9/11