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Your Off-Centered Crew Celebrates International Peace (Of Pizza) Day

Wed, 09/23/2009 - 1:42pm

So Monday was International Peace (of Pizza) Day at the Dogfish and what a peaceful celebration it was!  Our crew sported the peace symbol as we made our way to the designated gathering place at our new office buildout.  (Shout out to Frank and Big Mama for all the efforts behind the scenes.) Big Mama Sheehan gathered the team and announced a moment of silence and provided some history on this important day.  And guess what, ya'll, your friends at Dogfish pulled off 100% reflective silence, i.e. coulda heard a pin drop silence, we were in the peace zone!  Our First Lady o' the Craft Brew, Mariah, read the Dogfish Peace Proclamation and commemorated our brand new peace pole, extending wishes for peace to prevail in our homes, communities, businesses and world!  An aura of goodness fell over our group as smiles and harmony filled our hearts and minds, and then we came inside to fill our stomachs on pizza.  It's normally peace and love at the Dogfish, but extra so on Monday.  Perhaps, the sharing of a better pint and enjoyment of hot and tasty pizza between our world leaders could deepen peace efforts in places that aren't our Milton, Delaware Brewery.  Peace out!