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treehome sweet treehome

Thu, 07/01/2010 - 11:02pm

no wonder there's so much blogging about our newly regrown treehome; it's pretty sweet! our coworkers have been super excited the last couple of week's watching its progress as it grew from pieces of metal that, with a lot of love and artistry, took shape into an amazing piece of art. so, needless to say your friends at dogfish were thrilled when mariah advised us that last friday would be the ribbon cutting ceremony, or christening rather, as we toasted our newly erected treehome with a bottle of of life and limb. how apropos? as mariah crashed the bottle into the door of the house, all of us raised a pint to this happy little house that had found a happy little home with all of us. thanks to the five ton crane artists for all the love and their craft. both of which we send right back at them.